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"In the winter of 1990, a young teenage girl dies from suicide. One month later, her best friend 
realizes she might not be dead at all but instead stuck in a series of alternate dimensions
only she can enter."

From the mind of 15 year old Lucy Hunter, "You Should Be Dead" is a scientific fiction thriller. Set in the early 1990's, the supernatural aspects will never overthrow what the show truly stands for - its characters. 

A crackle. The sound of a VCR starting up. And then, a touristy commercial for "HAVEN BAY, OREGON" the picture perfect coastal town. But then, it's January 1991, we're at the MONROE RESIDENCE where SHELBY MONROE has been declared dead from suicide. Her death shakes the town. The death of Shelby Monroe puts a tear in the facade that Haven Bay has been keeping up since the town was founded.


Lucy Hunter, at the age of twelve, began writing "You Should Be Dead". In November of 2022, now at the age of 15, due to a school project she was assigned as a final, filmed a scene from the show two and a half years since its initial creation using an iPhone, a LUMIX camera, three actors, and one crew member. Since then, the cast has grown to twenty two people and the number of crew members is twenty four including costumes, camera, design, lighting, and more. The entire cast and crew consists of high school students. What was originally thought to be a school project transpired into an unforgettable experience.

A typical shooting day consists of ten hours of endless hard work, from morning to night. Due to the entire cast and crew being high school students, shooting is limited to weekends.

- The first slate for YSBD

The story of YOU SHOULD BE DEAD spans across eleven hour long episodes. Initially inspired by Twin Peaks, The X Files, and the IT franchise, was inevitably birthed to be its own unique form of art. Taking place in the fictional Haven Bay, Oregon, in the spring of 1991, the story follows a series of characters as they all experience the same traumatic event one night, bonding them together for eternity.. But something else is blossoming from underneath, an infinite series of haunting universes all with their own laws of physics and probabilities, only enterable by one person - our protagonist, who's just searching for her presumed dead best friend. There's only one question on the tip of our tongues - is Shelby alive?

The first script written for YSBD

In total, there is around 803 script pages in season one, and this isn't counting the endless revisions! Each episode has gone through countless changes to make it the strongest it can be!

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